Photo Sep 30, 3 19 21 PM
Photo Sep 30, 3 19 21 PM

Room For Cream

I start most days off with an Americano w/




Grand Abandon Vintage Cream Pleated Skirt

Grand Abandon Vintage Cream Scallop-Collared Blouse

Thrifted Black Ankle Lace-Up Boots

Grand Abandon Vintage Black Suede Handbag

Lots of bobby pins and nude-pink lipstick.

I’ve always been a collared shirt girl, but lately I’ve been liking the neck-hugging look of button-down collared shirts buttoned up all the way to the top. I think pairing these shirts with a high-waisted pleated skirt or tailored high-waisted ankle pant can add a girlish flare, cutting the androgyny of a collar and a button-down, especially one that is buttoned up all the way. I love the clean, modern effect of pairing monochromatic separates, and I think doing a different color shoe can give a really nice edge to this look. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a hard black and a soft cream. Finishing off the look with an asymmetrical ‘do helps the collar retain it’s youth instead of ushering it into grandma territory.


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