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The Vintage Version: Ombre + How To: Black & Blue Together At Last

Grand Abandon’s THE VINTAGE VERSION: Ombre


HOW TO: The Dreaded Navy And Black Color Pairing(Or Pairing Any Too-Close-For-Comfort Colors, For That Matter)

Who says black and blue don’t go together? Graduate “clashing” colors together in head to toe separates and you get a lovely little ombre effect. Black and blue make peace at last!! YES.

LIGHT BLUE+MEDIUM BLUE Vintage Jersey Light Heather Blue And Royal Blue Collared Crop///Grand Abandon

MEDIUM BLUE Blue With White Oversized Bow Snap Shoulder Purse///Bodhi

DARK BLUE Vintage Navy Pleated Skirt///Grand Abandon

BLACK Black Ankle Hose Socks///Target

BLACK Thrifted Black Lace-Up Oxford Heeled Black Leather Ankle Boots

More Oooo-ombre and Color-Wheel-Slice inspiration:

Oooo Ombre



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