Grand Abandon Loves Chigliak Records

Chigliak Records holds a mic out for personally treasured but forgotten–truth be told, tragically unknown–bodies of work. Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon minted Chigliak as an opportunity for people to behold “lost records” that “never went anywhere but [are] incredible.” The handpicked artists will now have the opportunity for defunct outfits to reach audiences beyond small circles of their past. Eau Claire’s Amateur Love marks the labels inception and touts members from acclaimed present day acts including Megafaun’s Phil and Brad Cook, Peter Wolf Crier’s Brian Moen, and Vernon’s self-proclaimed “ambassador of my heart for many years” Josh Scott. There is something to be said of music that has captivated a musical genius. There is also something to be said of musical geniuses that have made unheard music. Meet Chigliak.

“Chigliak is a record label devoted to releasing extraordinary albums that were never commercially released. We, at Chigliak, believe the records we choose to put out are very deeply special and deserve to be in the homes of listeners who may not subscribe to the notion that life changing music is both popular and current.”

“Con/A Sewer/Cat” by Amateur Love>>>

“Tides” by Megafaun

Megafaun – Tides | A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

“Cry” by Gayngs


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