Photo Apr 27, 5 13 30 PM
Photo Apr 27, 5 13 30 PM


Blooming Floral Vintage Pencil Dress

Minty Fresh Vintage Vivanti Sweater

Dresses: Grand Abandon Blooming Floral Vintage Pencil Dress up for purchase here!, Thrifted PIKO Ivory Bohemian Dress, Vintage Turquoise Butterfly Sleeve Babydoll Dress

Sweater: Grand Abandon Minty Fresh Vintage Vivanti Sweater up for purchase here!

  Boots: Bamboo via Lulu’s

Necklace: Thrifted via Goodwill Outlet

Hat: Thrifted ALDO via Buffalo Exchange

Hat+Booties+Dress=goodaseggsandtoast. Truly. Little effort, but oh so-o tasty. I thought I’d leave our lovely temporary set-up in the background to emphasize just how bare bones the effort level is here.

And now for a musician who decorates his music with nothing more than eggs and toast and a little natural light, Luke Roberts. So good. The first time I heard his music was in my car on the way to work in Seattle. The program was The Roadhouse on KEXP. The song was “His Song.” Whenever I happen on music like this by chance, I feel like I just won a contest. Like my name was drawn out of one of those little hamper-like homemade bingo bags. Oddly enough, the same thing happened for me with Sam Amidon’s music. I was also on my way to work in Austin. The show was The Southside Of The Tracks with Doug Freeman on KVRX. The song was “Tribulation.” It is odd because Luke Roberts and Sam Amidon remind me of one another. They share a certain playful yet worn vocal intonation and wire-rasp, “loping”(I interviewed Sam Amidon for Empty Frames and that is how he described his music) musical textures that occupy similar country planes. They remind me of sorrow and contentment all at the same time. Good as eggs and toast. But so much harder to come by.

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