The Shapes Of Swimming Pools From High Above

The Shapes Of Swimming Pools From High Above: Spice Rack Vintage White Dress With Green Ploops gifted from my good pal Katie. We share a love for 70′s stretch polyester dresses and when she gave this to me I was like, “Yes.” I’m a fan of undefined and ambiguous shapes/prints that you find on these dresses so much of the time. Like this one here–not quite polka dots–a little too fluffy/furry around the edges. I call them ”ploops.”  They also kinda look like a poorly/lazily drawn aerial view of  evenly spaced broccoli. Kinda like if broccoli were swimming pools and you were flying in an airplane and that is your view of the broccoli swimming pools from high above. These pictures are from when I was in Phoenix. George looks quite dapper in them. He is wearing a vintage shirt from a great little vintage store in downtown Phoenix called Mercantile. The owner sells vintage and does hair right there altogether in her shop. I’ve also included some music that reminds me of Phoenix. First up is Beirut because I listened to The Rip Tide the entire drive from Texas to Phoenix, and I keep it close to that part of the U.S. with its integral, underlying associations with the Southwest. I had “The Peacock” on repeat for probably a good hour on my drive. If Zach Condon’s voice was an instrument it would be a trumpet. Secondly, Phoenix’s “Love Like A Sunset Part I” and “Love Like A Sunset Part II”, which has nothing to do with the city or the Southwest but reminds me of the open road and the West and stepping outside when the hot sun is just going down and being in transition. Whenever I hear that song now too, I think of the movie Somewhere, with the film’s genius placement of “Part II.” Every time the song’s luring, hovering buzz lingers to the surface, you are reminded that the ground exists, that people don’t forget even though they try to, that what is happening is a string of things happening that are inseparably connected to the small hum in the heart that never goes away. And there are a lot of pools in it. And swimming pools remind me of Phoenix. And thirdly, some lyrics from The Antlers off their aptly named album Burst Apart which has caused my heart to burst apart several times with listening. Truly, I discover something new to love and be amazed by on that album each time I listen to it.

The Antlers “Putting The Dog To Sleep”

Prove to me I’m not gonna die alone.
Put your arm around my collarbone,
And open the door.

Don’t lie to me if you’re putting the dog to sleep,
That pet you just couldn’t keep,
And couldn’t afford.

Well prove to me I’m not gonna die alone.
Unstitch that shit I’ve sewn,
To close up the hole that tore through my skin.

Well my trust in you is a dog with a broken leg,
Tendons too torn to beg for you to let me back in.

You said, “I can’t prove to you you’re not gonna die alone,
But trust me to take you home,
To clean up that blood all over your paws.

“You can’t keep running out,
Kicking yourself off the bed,
Kicking yourself in the head,
Because you’re kicking me too.”

Put your trust in me,
I’m not gonna die alone.
Put your trust in me,
I’m not gonna die alone… I don’t think so…

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