Ten Song Tuesday

“Let all things be as they will.
Let my heart beat itself still.”

-Blind Pilot

My Heart Beat Itself Still Playlist

1. The Antlers – Drift Drive

2. Reptar – Water Runs

3. Anais Mitchell – Wait For Me (feat. Justin Vernon)

4. The Flaming Lips – Ashes In The Air (feat. Bon Iver)

5. The Middle East – Blood

6. James Blake – Fall Creek Boys Choir (feat. Justin Vernon)

7. David Bazan – Virginia

8. Nico Muhly – I Drink The Air Before Me: One Day Tells Its Tale To Another

9. Blind Pilot – Just One

10. Samamidon – Red

And The Ten Song Tuesday Bonus Track: Gardens & Villa – Gypsy (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

Sam Amidon opening for Bon Iver! This is great news. Find Sam Amidon’s full tour here. This Ten Song Tuesday features some of the wonderful tracks that Justin Vernon has collaborated on. There are also a few tracks by Samamidon and Nico Muhly, whom Sam Amidon collaborates with on many of his albums. Plus, there are a few more tunes on here that I just can’t get enough of lately.

Justin Vernon. Taken from wisconsinology.com

Sam Amidon. Taken from samamidon.com


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