It hurts to see you go.

It hurts to see you go.

“Songwriting’s lonely, songwriting hurts
A relentless itching, a bed bug curse
Songwriting costs it doesn’t come free
Ask Elliott Smith ask Richie Lee
Ask Mark Linkous ask Shannon Hoon…”

Read Chunklet from here to here. It’s almost too hard to swallow. How do we protect artists who have made themselves vulnerable to the harsh elements of the world? Artists that break our hearts with their stories and honesty. The most resounding and most painful words I have read about Molina in the midst of this are these( “Jason leaves behind him an enviable body of work that will be continually rediscovered because what Jason wrote wasn’t fashion. It was his heart. It was his love. It was his demons. And ultimately, it brought his life to an end.” Molina writes in the first song on his last release “Heart My Heart:”

My heart.

The world still finds it. And I still fall apart.

We mourn in the passing of a beautiful person and prolific heart. Jason Molina.



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