On The Hanger: 8000nerves

I can’t say enough about 8000nerves. So here’s a bit more.

I fell in love with this punchy red blouse that is part country maiden, part saucy aristocrat. Kind of like a cross between Rufus Wainwright and Loretta Lynn. It has a boxy fit, with bronze buttons down the back, contrasted with the soft feel and the feminine gleam of the material. The slightly sheer bib collar with retro bloomer ruffle edging gives it a pop of morning light magic. The red is so-o vibrant and the silk-like material makes it even more visually dynamic. Depending on where the light catches, the shirt almost sparkles in places. It feels very grown-up to me–dense with color, lush with contrast, and just so well-made.

This dress is just so adorable. It’s a classic mini shift with hedges of edged scalloping. And it kind of has the look of a two piece dress. The minty green and paneled bodice embodies a 1960′s summer, and would make anyone want to go swimming in their bloomers.

This one gets my goat. It’s  just a perfect combination between a simple and wonderfully quirky little dress.

This orange dress is a catch. Upside down single stem between two triangle collar petals. Perfectly symmetrical. Perfectly ironic. A happy sadness. A quaint, dollopy, pedaling day full of simple wonders.

Eyes with flirtatious black tassle lashes and a cute little red pout. I got so many compliments on this shirt when I was taking photos. I feel like it just makes people smile.

This purple dress is stunning. It’s one of the dresses, that you can’t envision the potential or magic of when it is on the hanger. Efi recommended to me to turn it around backwards and belt it which was such an awesome styling tip. Backwards, it is really flattering and quasi-nautical with the slight crease from the front banded drape tipping effortlessly into a slight sailor bib. It made me feel like this classy dame from the 1920′s, and all the while, I felt like it was mere trickery because the dress is so ridiculously comfortable. The color purple(not the book) dresses it up and speaks to 8000nerves thoughtful design and understanding of color.

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