Not ANTI- Fall At All

Really digging this ANTI- Fall 2012 Music Sampler we picked up at last Saturday’s Indie Label Market in Silverlake. Of course there are some tunes I like more than others, but I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Some general sentiments:

1. Is it just me or is Glen Hansard starting to sound a bit like David Gray? Well, I don’t hate it! Glen can do no wrong. And Mr. Gray will always hold a place in the adult-coffee-shop-alternative shelf of my heart.

2. Reminded how simple and at-peace “Whole Love” by Wilco is. I think putting it right after “Hell Broke Luce” kinda accentuates the sentiment. It’s so-o great. Just love it. And “Hell Broke Luce” is amazing as a starter and in general. Tom Waits reasserts himself as a Ginsberg and his caustic accusations of the evils of war and namelessly soldiering on as he spouts off in measured asymmetry hits the fan just right in guttural explosions of poetic and rhythmic genius.


4. Jason Lytle is the king of acquired love. I feel, at first listen, I understand what he is doing and appreciate it, but just can’t quite get there. After a few listens though, Lytle’s tender sorrow, thoughtful character compositions and raspy-brittle synthetic power are inescapable.

5. New to me: Yann Tierson, Milk Carton Kids, Sean Rowe, Tim Fite, and Petra Haden. Interesting facts: Yann Tierson composed the soundtrack for Amelie. Milk Carton Kids’ “There By Your Side” was featured as an NPR Song Of The Day. Sean Rowe toured with Noah And The Whale. Tim Fite illustrates stories and is a visual artist as well. Petra Haden has been a part of The Decemberists and That Dog and contributed to albums by Sun O))). Eager to hear more!

Check Out the Playlist.

ANTI- Music Sampler Fall 2012
1. Hell Broke Luce by Tom Waits
2. Whole Love by Wilco
3. Dawn Chorus by Beth Orton
4. Your Final Setting Sun by Jason Lytle
5. Splitter by Calexico
6. Everything Is Broken by Bettye LaVette
7. Do The Trick by Dr. Dog
8. Hallways by Islands
9. Land Of 7 Billion Dances by The Coup
10. Downwind by Sean Rowe
11. We Can’t Have Nice Things by Kelly Hogan
12. Maybe Not Tonight by Glen Hansard
13. Villain by Lost In The Trees
14. Crest by The Antlers
15. Monuments by Yann Tierson
16. Michigan by Milk Carton Kids
17. Psycho Prelude by Petra Haden
18. Joyriding by Tim Fite
19. Leaving Of Liverpool by Son Of Rogue’s Gallery

Playlist taken from ANTI- Fall Music Sampler. Videos taken from

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