November 3, 2012
by Lauren
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Grand Abandon Loves Dusen Dusen

Architectural-print-propogator, neutral-palette-confectioner and collar-enthusiast Dusen Dusen has struck a little chord on my heart string. Designer and creator Ellen Van Dusen creates “basics driven by the prints she creates from scratch each season.” D.C.-bred and Brooklyn-based Van Dusen makes friends … Continue reading

May 7, 2012
by Lauren
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Vintage-Inspired Online Retailers

Finding everyday-wearable vintage clothing can be work. It often requires some serious digging. So much digging in fact, that ofttimes when that hanger is before you, when that awesome jacket is dangling in your face like a grape on a … Continue reading

Good Grief!

January 14, 2012 by Lauren | Comments Off

Charlie-Brown-inspired Z’s: Zig Zags and Houndstooth.

Tassle-tie brown loafers just like my style icon, Mr. Brown.

Light Pink Anthropologie Knit Hat, Purple and Tan Levi’s Knit Sweater, Black Levi’s Skinny Jeans, Houndstooth Steve Madden Gloves, Brown Urban Outfitters Tassle-Tie Loafers.

I don’t usually go for purple clothing but I couldn’t resist the wide-tooth zig zag scheme on this sweater that lends itself toward the simple, animated nostalgia of Charlie Brown. When I wear it I feel like a Peanuts character–kind of a combo between Charlie Brown and Frieda. Is it just me that finds the Charlie Brown characters to be pretty stylin’?



Yes, please.

Travis and George and The Puget Sound. Could make any woman, any man understand the meaning of good grief.

The ><><>< Playlist

><><>< from grandabandon on 8tracks.






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