Sunset Junction

Oh the places you will go…Silverlake Edition.

Oh my heart.

Surprise fellow walker and enjoyer of the day. Why hello, didn't see you there.

Reform School

Mohawk General Store. Pretty shoes by Dieppa Restrepo.


Reform School:

Local Artists’ community garden–where artwork is planted and begs to grow. Plentiful crop. Material bulbous and ripping at the seams to be chewed over. Yes Vintage in the back. YES!

Mohawk General Store:

You’ll have to go elsewhere for your Mentos. This shiny penny houses very well-made, special clothing, shoes, and jewelry. Way expensive, but fun to look:)

Also check out: Intelligentsia Coffee, Cru, Silverlake Art, Craft and Vintage Fair, Silverlake Market, Black Hogg, Local and so many more <3

At Reform School with my Intelligentsia Iced Coffee. Behind me is Yes Vintage. Wearing one of my faves 8,000 Nerves(more of which to come verrry soon)...



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