Don’t Mind If I Do: Jelly Shoes

I just picked up a pair of vintage jelly shoes or “jellies.” I’ve had them for barely one day and I can already say for certain they are my summer jam.

Some reasons why to say yes to jellies:

1. The name. I love a good nicknamed shoe. Think “trainers” or “wellies.”

2. The no-mess factor. Spray me with water. Throw ketchup on my feet.

3. Wearability. Clear goes with everything.

4. Youthful style. Bold colors and ultra bendy.

5. Invention. They are a great invention. And a personal favorite. This idea I do not back down from.

If you are interested in getting some for your own tootsies here are a few that I quite like:

From Take Your Time Vintage on Etsy:

From Heather Mara Campos on Etsy:

From Mary Alice Felt Like It on Etsy:

The Jellies Playlist

Radiohead – Nude

Iron & Wine – Jesus The Mexican Boy

The National – 90-Mile Water Wall

Andrew Bird – Sifters

Ola Podrida – Sink Or Swim

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