Each Breath Is Like A Waterfall Running Through My Heart

Each Breath

Is Like A Waterfall

Running Through My Heart

And It Let’s You Know

That I’m Not Alone

Although I’ve Been Alone…

-From “Mystery Life” by Aan

The title track of Aan’s latest 7″ release Mystery Life begins with the sound of throat-clearing. It’s a slyly winking preface to the eye-popping jam that follows. “Mystery Life” is a frantic spiller, layering bursts of mathy whiplashes and kettled howls beneath drum-ushered, pinch-crazed vocals. Aan’s vigour seems smuggled from another world, and their exhibition of it is mastered, both meticulously oding to and barbing up borders of rock construction. With “Mystery Life,” Aan carves out a restorative musical jab that convicts us of a surging desire for everything all at once, and convinces us of the possibility.

Mystery Life 7″ available on limited release vinyl starting February 5. Features A-side “Mystery Life” and B-side “Spiritual Provisions.” Listen and pre-order here at coolsummerrecords.com and download MP3 version here at weareaan.bandcamp.com

MP3 and album artwork taken from weareaan.com and coolsummerrecords.com

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